What to bring

For your learning

You are welcome to bring along any materials, books, tools which can be used during the sessions and informal time.

For the "workshop by participants" session please think of a tool or activity on the topic that you can share with others.

For cultural nights

Typical food and drinks from your countries! We will have cultural evenings during the project and basically every evening will belong to a different country. You can bring national costumes, ornaments, leaflets, posters, flyers, food, sweets, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks… and so on! Also, you can show videos, photos, sing music and dance traditional dances from your countries! We are counting on you to make these evenings as interesting as possible. 

Warm clothes

In July weather is mainly warm, but as we are in the mountain area, it might be raining or windy in some days, especially during the nights temperature can go low. It is recommended to bring not only summer clothes but some warm clothes as well. 


Please do bring the toiletries, a basic flip flops that can be used to take shower, towels (we provide one for the whole duration, if its not enough bring yours as well),