Daily reports

18.7.2023 - Communication 

The morning started with amazing pancakes and cocoa, which were followed by brief presentations about Erasmus and Erasmus+. We formed teams and discussed the basics of the program and the European Union. During the day, we had two main presentations, and the second one covered Nonviolent Communication. We discussed the topic and understood new ways of communicating in the new world. Thankfully, this was not the only part of the day, as it was filled with energizers, games, dances, and music.

The most interesting part, obviously, started during the Cultural Evening. Armenia and Slovakia took us through an amazing experience, and we learned so much about the amazing countries that surround us. We had a language course where we tested our tongues, thank you, Slovakia. We also attended an Armenian wedding and tasted so many delicious dishes. The night ended with participants enjoying each other's company by the bonfire and watching a movie.

19.7.2023 - Art Communication 

It was July 19th, and breakfast was fine, as always. We continued the day with an Art communication workshop. Firstly we brainstormed about what it means to us. Then through the creative form of cooperation in small teams, we have been discovering ourselves. (Form of expressions:,, draw me as a hero/heroin, tree/garden of life, self-care collage/assemblage, gratefulness tree). Then we found a deeper connection to each other through the movement workshop led by our great Laura (big thanks for that). We continued with workshops organized by the participants. Drawing session by Van (Armenian member) and acting/theatre/performance workshop by Metaksya (also Armenian member). We finished with a great dinner and an amazing Italian intercultural night. Thank you for your work today guys.

20.7.2023 - Workshop with local youngsters and self-immersion time 

Amazing day that it was 

we had an opportunity to meet local young people in Aparan municipality and have fun together. the countries presented their national games and we played together. After we had the whole day for ourselves, where Georgian team left for Yerevan and the other participants to Gyumri.

both teams had an amazing day full of fun, exploring and communication.

21.7.2023 - Workshop with Armenian artist 

We started the day with different fun energizers, after which we welcomed local artist Arman Stefanyan. He introduced us his art style, his artworks, and explained the basics of doing mosaics.

Then we chose the picture to recreate with mosaics. It was the Peace Sign in a pop-art style. After some instructions, we started working on the canvas.

The next workshops were organised by the participants. 

The first one was about going outside, looking at the landscapes and drawing them, using the basics of drawing, and the concept of close and far away objects. In the end, the drawing could be a souvenir of this place made by our hands.

The two other workshops were about music theory:

1) We learnt how to write the notes, and how to play them on the guitar, with basic guitar cords.
2) We learnt how to hear the rhythm, and how to write the rhythmic notes, and then as a challenge we listened to different rhythmic compositions and tried to write them down on the 5-strings.

We finished the day with a Georgian cultural night, with a presentation about the country, dances, music and traditional food.

22.7.2023 - Community land art and workshops with local youngsters

The sun was up in Aparan, and it was time for a wholesome breakfast at our place.

At 10, we gathered in the common room, and we dived deep into the flow of meditation, guided by our amazing Laura. We were asked to feel the rhythm and embrace our emotions; then, we caressed our palms, coloured hand lines, and compared ours to the others. We copied our sketches on paper and tried to combine and align them to create "our river". Yet our real river was awaiting us: a long paper sheet stretching in the dining room, ready to be filled with our drawings.

The usual morning coffee break was not enough to give us energy, so we energized ourselves by playing traditional games from our countries.

After lunch, we welcomed some special guests: youngsters from Aparan!

Four workshops took place for everyone. Alberto and Laura proposed some theatre exercises to get in the mood of recreating Italian masterpieces—living art; Paolo taught how to weave easy bracelets; our Armenian fellows supervised stone painting; and Dorotea created the perfect atmosphere for her body and face painting workshop.

As we finished eating dinner and taking showers, stars started to pop out in the night sky, and we spent our second to last evening chitchatting, playing, and sharing thoughts and impressions.