Arrival and Departure

The arrival day is 16.07.2023, official check-in will start from 17:00. Departure day is 24.07.2023  check-out before 11:00. On departure day we have no program so you are free to plan your day. It is possible to come four days earlier (before) the project and/or leave four days later (after) the project end. Please note that the hosting team provides dinner on the arrival day and breakfast on the departure day. If you arrive earlier or depart later you have to take care of your accommodation and food on your own. Arrival our departure, which does not follow these instructions allows us to not reimburse your travel costs.

Please note, that trips outside of Aparan (Yerevan / Armenia) are not planned or possible during the youth exchange. If you want such trips, plan them before, or after the youth exchange. 

If you fly to Armenia, from Zvartnots International Airport to Yerevan you can get a  YANDEX taxi (PLEASE DO NOT TAKE TAXI CABS AT THE AIRPORT) for all the team in case to split the costs. Make sure you do have cash to pay for taxi, you will need around 10 000 AMD. In case to get reimbursed make an screenshot of your ride and request an invoice from the app.

We will organise group transportation from Yerevan to the Venue and back. 

If you fly to Georgia, we will support with transport arrangement directly to the project venue, Aparan, Armenia.