Travel reimbursement

To make sure that you will receive back the money you spent on the tickets, please preapprove your travel plan with coordinating organization from your country before buying any of the tickets as there are some restrictions that has to be followed.

Please keep in mind that full participation in the youth exchange and providing all the necessary travel documents is a condition for receiving travel reimbursement

Mandatory, send us by email or bring with you:

Booking confirmation/E-ticket

Proof of payment/Invoice

Boarding Pass(es) if you travel by plane

Proof of travel health insurance !

Please DO NOT LOSE your Boarding Passes, train tickets and/or bus tickets! We will not be able to reimburse you anymore, if you lose them!

We strongly encourage you to buy flights that have the possibility to do online check-in and in this way you will be able to give us the return boarding passes as well, without sending them to us by post when you return home !

If for your airline is not possible, you still need to send us the boarding passes by post after the project. It is very important to have all your travel and financial documents with you for each person, otherwise the reimbursement will not be possible !

Reimbursement will be done by bank transfer ONLY in the account of your sending organization, according to the rules of Erasmus+

We will make an effort and we will try to do all the reimbursements for all the national groups within 3 - 4 months after the end of the project, BUT only if we will get on time all the necessary required documents from every participant, and the proof of dissemination activities!

The project is not a party or a trip to Armenia, we are giving a lot of importance to your full and motivated participantion in the activities. We will establish together a dissemination plan which will have to be followed.

Travel budget Travel to Armenia (both ways)